May 29, 2014

West Franklin and Woodbine Vote

Town Hall Meeting: Regional Campuses

Sunday, June 8 | 5:00 PM | Inman Deaf Chapel

The Trustees and Church Staff Representatives will host a presentation regarding West Franklin Baptist Church and Woodbine Baptist Church. We’ll receive comments and answer questions during this time.

Middle Tennessee Initiative, Better Together

The Middle Tennessee Initiative is about partnering with local churches in Middle Tennessee to impact poverty, healthcare, and education for the purpose of sharing the gospel. In addition to our work with our first two regional campuses, The Church at Station Hill and The Church at Avenue South, we now prepare to take our next step—a partnership with two additional local churches—as we live out our Acts 1:8 Mission.

Though very different, both of these churches provide unique opportunities to remove geographical and social barriers in unreached areas of Middle Tennessee. They also share our belief that we truly can be better together. This next step isn’t one that we take lightly. These churches would become a part of our church. Their members would be our members. And their mission would be our mission.

After months of discussion with Brentwood Baptist and our Trustees, these churches initially voted to enter formal discussions about this opportunity. In the coming weeks, they vote once again on the approval of this partnership. The decision to partner with them is one that requires your prayer, support, and approval. On June 15 and 22, we’ll vote as a church on these new opportunities as we prepare to reach Middle Tennessee for Christ. Read more » » »